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Visiting the Veterinarian  In our past experiences, we have found the best and most competent vets are local neighborhood clinics. Chain clinics tend to oversell medications that pups are not ready for yet or dont need at all. Yorkie puppies have a small body weight , especially teacup sized and it is easy to overload their little livers with chemicals. Some of the worst medications, in our opinion, are heartworm preventatives used on very small, young pups. It is our understanding that heartworms don't manifest until at least 4 months of age anyway, so whats the rush? Why take a chance on making your new puppy sick? Another is systemic flea medications. These are also very harsh on small young pups. Should you encounter fleas, a good treatment is to warm- wash them with a gentle sudsy shampoo. It actually suffocates the fleas without injuring the pup. Save the harder treatments for when puppy is much older. Over medication can be worse than undermedicating. 
Grooming  We do not recommend taking your new puppy to a groomer or trainer until after the full regimen of puppy vaccines are given (usually by 16 weeks or so). We believe a puppy's immune system isn't adequately developed before this time and it would be risky to expose them to older dogs who may be carriers. It's ok to bathe them, but best to keep them away from dog populations until puppy immunizations are completed. Your vet can help you with toenails and ear maintenance if you are not comfortable with the task. 

Scams  Please be very aware of the many scams out there when it comes to shopping for puppies. The reason we are knowledgeable about scams, is that people come here and tell us about the different ways they have been or almost have been scammed. here is the flags to look for: The website has no credible phone number. you can only reach them by email. American addresses are not theirs. Puppies are free if you pay tranportation. Mispelled words, poor sentence structure. Most of the scams are from Africa mainly Nigeria and Cameroon. It is always best to see the puppies and make your determination. 

Internet ordering, blogs, etc.  Everyone has heard the old adage if you see it on the internet it must be true. Rememember that there is a lot of competition out there, some credible, and some not so much. There is a lot of bloggers out there who like to slam one another for their own personal agenda. If they have  difficulty selling their own, they go to the internet blogs and slam other people to attract people to ther site. 

 Hypoglycemia  is a common problem with toy breed puppies including the Yorshire Terrier. It it is the medical term for low blood sugar, which is a condition in which there is a drastic sudden drop in the level of the sugar in small breed puppies from post-weening to 4 months of age, the most common form of hypoglycemia is called transient Juvenile Hypoglycemia. As a toy Yorkie breeder or pet owner, it is important to recognize the symtoms of hypoglycemia and know how to prevent and treat it. Hypoglycemia is easily treatable in the early stages, but fatal if allowed to progress. Incidents  are almost always preceded by stress of some kind. Examples are: weaning, teething, vaccinations, a change in enviroment, shipping, overhandling, cold temperatures, parasites, infections, anorexia, etc. The biggest cause is not eating properly. The first sign of hypoglycemia is slowing down and then acting listless. They can be out of balance, lifeless, and their gums turn grayish instead of pink. What to do: If caught in early stages, place Nutri-Cal, Fortical, Karo syrup, or honey on the roof of the mouth. Dont give liquids at this time or it might aspirate the pup. Keep pup warm with heating pad on lowest setting. If the pup doesn't come around 30-45 minutes, call your vet and tell them you have a hypoglycemic Yorkie pup. It may not wait. Picky eaters may need a little bribe food like (baby food) junior meat sticks, lamb, or small diced fresh chicken breast lightly microwaved around 1 and a half minutes. Food and fresh water should always be available, I personally use Royal Canin small puppy food. Your goal is to keep the puppy on dried food! Never give puppies human food, it can be detrimental to their health.

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